Roscommon, Ireland

Assurance and Control


Quality is a critical principle for Liteways, as it directly impacts the safety, functionality, and longevity of the finished product. Quality assurance and quality control are two key components of ensuring that a project meets the required standards.

Quality assurance is the process of preventing mistakes and defects in the finished product. It includes activities such as creating detailed plans, using a tried & trusted local supply chain, conducting inspections, and implementing quality control procedures. Quality assurance helps to identify and address issues before they become problems, and ensures that the project is completed according to the specifications and standards established at the beginning of the project.


Quality control is the process of inspecting and testing the finished product to ensure that it meets the required standards. It includes activities such as conducting inspections, testing materials and equipment, and verifying that all work has been completed to the standards established in the project plans. Quality control helps to identify and address issues that were not identified during the quality assurance process, and ensures that the final product meets the required standards.

For Liteways, quality is assured through our own benchmarking for longevity & perfection on our sites – we do this in in part through securing our supply chain by staying as local & nationwide based as possible, we have excellent relationships with top Irish suppliers such as Roadstone, Chadwick and Project Tiles to name just a few. 


Overall, the principle of quality for Liteways is to meet or exceed the expectations of all stakeholders, maintain safety and functionality, deliver on-time and on-budget while achieving longevity for the built environment.