Roscommon, Ireland

preserving, restoring, and maintaining historic buildings and structures

Restoration & Conservation

Restoration and conservation within building development refers to the process of preserving, restoring, and maintaining historic buildings in order to protect their cultural heritage and architectural significance. This type of development typically involves the repair and preservation of existing buildings, rather than the construction of new ones.

In Ireland, the National Monuments Service of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is responsible for the protection and management of national monuments and historic buildings, and is the main authority that sets the rules and guidelines for the conservation and restoration of these buildings.

Liteways complies with building codes and regulations, such as those related to accessibility and safety, and should also consider the needs of the community and the surrounding environment.


The restoration and conservation process typically involves several stages, including research, assessment, planning, and implementation. Liteways can work with historians, architects, and other experts to research the history and significance of the building, and to assess its condition and the work that needs to be done. We will then develop a plan for the restoration and conservation work, which may include repairs to structural elements, replacement of missing or deteriorated elements, and conservation of historic materials.

Our qualified PSCS takes over from the PSDP Team and creates a Liteways AF2 (including Safety File/BCAR and Multi-Media Home Users Guide). We work exclusively with SEAI registered Tradespeople and restoration experts to ensure completion of the project to the highest of business and construction standards.

Building Teams

Liteways is practiced in working with architects, engineers, and contractors to design and build the structure, and can also handle the financial aspects of the project, including securing funding and managing budgets.

End Result

The restoration and conservation of historic buildings in Ireland is a complex process that requires a great deal of expertise, skill and attention to detail. We will balance the need to preserve the historical integrity of the building with the need to make it safe and functional for modern use. The finished building should be able to maintain its historical and cultural significance while being able to provide safe and efficient services for the public.